Duca Bortini di Montebello Squinzano Riserva


This wine is made with 100% Negroamaro. Negroamaro is a red wine grape variety native to southern Italy. It is grown, almost exclusively, in Apulia and particularly in Salento, the peninsula which can be visualized as the “heel” of Italy. This wine is Intense and complex, with notes of ripe fruits and spices. The taste is a well balanced dry wine of good structure with supple tannins. It is full, robust and velvety. This wine comes from the boot of Italy and it definitely has a kick. Suggested Cheese Pairing: A mature cheese such as a fine Cheddar, Dubliner cheese which has the nutty quality of a Swiss and the piquant bite of aged Parmesan.
Price: $32.49