our reds and whites provide shelter and light

Difference Made So Far

Wines for Humanity raises funds for charities across the country in order to prevent homelessness in families with children. We believe that funds raised locally should be applied locally - directly impacting the quality of our Wine Advisors' neighborhoods nationwide.

Wines for Humanity donates between 9-12.5% of the revenue from the guests' selection at a regular paid wine sampling to a local charity that helps people who are behind in rent and utilities in order to prevent homelessness in our communities.

We have raised over $12,770 in the 1st quarter of 2021 from Samplings and an estimated $51,000 from charity certificates. In 12 years, with your help, we have raised over $1,533,058 from wine samplings, mostly for the prevention of homelessness for families with children. This also represents over 11 million meals. Additionally, an estimated $5,605,688 was donated through certificates to other charities for a total of $7,138,746!  Thank you for your generosity!

Wines for Humanity offers opportunities to raise funds through silent and live auctions at fundraising events.

Currently, Wines for Humanity is operational in 13 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, West Virginia, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

How Funds are Raised

Wines for Humanity donates funds to organizations that provide assistance, by paying rent and utilities to families, to help keep them in their home.

We are unique in that we give right off the top from every sampling. We return between 9% and 12.5% from the selections made at the sampling.

From time to time we also run additional, targeted campaigns, highlighting a specific need in communities.


In addition to funds raised at samplings, Wines for Humanity donates certificates for silent or live auctions. The certificate entitles the winning bidder to a fun and educational two-hour sampling including six exclusive wines from around the world, with the opportunity to continue to donate more funds to that organization through the selection of wines from those in attendance. Just one more way Wines for Humanity helps the community!


What Charities Have to Say

Here’s a sample of the many letters we receive:

"We were glad you could be a part of "Taste the West Side" this year and share in the good work that is taking place here in the Steepletown neighborhood. Your wine sampling donation helped the event net just over $17,000, which will provide many opportunities, both in education and employment training, for our neighborhood youth.

Thank you very much,

Ed Sypniewski
Development Manager
Steepletown Neighborhood Services"

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